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Booking terms


  • All cars are insured by the transport owners (managers) third party liability and casco insurance.
  • The car can be rented by someone who has 25 years and 2 years of driving experience.
  • The car can be used throughout the European Union except CIS countries, it is necessary to inform when renting whether the trips will be made in the Republic of Lithuania or abroad.
  • If the car is used only in the Republic of Lithuania deposit will be 150 €, if the car will be used overseas deposit will be 300 €, after returning the car in the same condition as accepted, subject to normal wear and tear, full fuel tank, tidy, the deposit is refunded.
  • For the duration of the contract, the vehicle’s mileage may not exceed 400 kilometers per day. If the daily mileage limit is exceeded, the lessee shall, in addition, pay the lessor EUR 0.1 per kilometer above the daily mileage limit of 400.
  • Renting a car requires a valid driver’s license and an identity card or passport.
  • Fuel, puncture tires are used to repair the vehicle and the necessary costs are borne by the tenant. Upon receipt of the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, the lessee shall return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel at the time of return of the vehicle with a partial tank of fuel, a charge of 30 € plus the cost of missing fuel.
  • The car must be rented in a neat, clean exterior and clean, non-smoky interior and must be returned. When the car is returned dirty, a cleaning fee is from € 15 to € 20 (depending on the type of car) is included.
  • The car rental price is calculated on the basis of the rental days. The calculation of the rental days is based on the 24-hour rental date, which starts from the moment the car is handed over to the lessee. An additional rental day is charged when the car is returned two hours later.


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