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Скидки на аренду автомобилей!*

При аренде на 3 дня и более действует скидка 10%,
При аренде на 5 суток и более действует скидка 20%,
При аренде на 8 дней и более действует скидка 25%,
При аренде на 15 дней и более действует скидка 30%,
При аренде на 25 дней и более действует скидка 40%,
При аренде на 30 дней и более действует скидка 50%.

*Размер скидки индивидуален для каждого автомобиля, на примере вы можете увидеть скидки, применимые к модели VW TAIGO


Our services

  • Short-term and long-term transport rental
  • Car, limousine, trailer rental
  • Car rental with and without drivers
  • We transport passengers from/to Riga, Kaunas, Palanga and Vilnius airports
  • More detailed information on limousine rental can be found on the website – www.maxlimo.lt

Baby seats / For kids

  • Travel with family and children! For the safety and comfort of children, CARpark offers high-class baby and child seats.
  • When making a car rental order, please specify the child seat of your choice and we will arrange for you to get it during the car rental.

The strongest in Lithuania

  • The strongest in Lithuania 2011-2022″
  • “Strongest managers in Lithuania 2011-2022” are certificates that confirm that the company and the company manager are reliable, fulfill their financial obligations on time and there is a high probability that they will fulfill their financial obligations.

A large selection

We have a selection of the most popular cars with manual and automatic transmissions.

GPS in every car! *

  • GPS will recommend the most direct route for you, saving time and fuel. It can also take you past landmarks if you want a scenic route. GPS will also alert you to local speed limits.
  • GPS in the car is subject to an additional fee of EUR 2.

24 hour support

We work throughout Lithuania and Latvia, we will come to any place convenient for you. For your comfortable and memorable trips – CARpark car rental and MAXLIMO limousine rental! We work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Exclusive cars for rent

Prabanga, kaina ir komfortas – MAXLIMO limuzinų nuoma!
Jau net 12 metų su Jumis!
Nepamirštamoms akimirkoms – prabangus limuzinas HUMMER H2 22 vietų, Jūsų patogumui vienintelis limuzinas su praaukštintomis lubomis ir nuleistomis grindimis, išskirtine išorės apdaila, dvigubu kondicionieriumi, disko grindimis, lazeriais, šviesos efektais, 3 tv, 3 barais ir CADILLAC ESCALADE 20 vietų limuzinas, su 6 papildomomis vietomis įrengtomis po atviru stogu (jei oras blogas, stogas užsidaro), dvigubu kondicionieriumi, lazeriais, dirbtinų dūmų įranga, profesionalia garso sistema, šviesos efektais, 3 tv, 2 barais.

Cars with driver

Bendrovė teikia automobilio nuomą su vairuotoju. Profesionalus vairuotojas, turintis ilgametę patirtį, nuveš jus į bet kurią jūsų norimą vietą. Visi automobiliai su vairuotoju yra aprūpinti aukščiausiu standartu, kuris leidžia mėgautis kelione.

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